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Mr. Multhaup has worked for many years as a CIO in large international organizations and has recently launched the IT Business Dimensions company to provide CIOs and IT Management teams with software tools and consulting services. He has developed the ITin3D Performance Management and Control System to help IT service organizations improve their governance processes and support due diligence demands. His experience includes seven years in Europe with Novartis (formerly Sandoz) as the Divisional Information Officer for both the Agro and Seeds Divisions worldwide and the Vice President of IT for Henkel North America and subsequently with Cognis following its spin off and sale. Since the goal of implementing ITin3D is to improve the performance of an IT organization, Mr Multhaup would prefer to assist the customer in achieving this goal through just enough consulting assistance so as to make sure the process will be successful. This would typically require enough sessions with the CIO and other business executives to establish the success criteria for implementing ITin3D and its governance processes, and then working closely with the IT Controller and other IT Managers to ensure that they understand and can manage the new processes in an optimum way.

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