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The ITin3D Performance Management and Control System is designed for the CIO and the IT Management Team who are seeking four basic outcomes:

  1. to better manage the IT business by providing in-depth insight into the organization and assets which they are responsible for
  2. to vastly improve the marketing of IT to the outside world
  3. to achieve the first two objectives with a technical solution that empowers each team leader to better manage their own responsibilities while at the same time enabling the CIO to better control and coordinate the performance of the entire IT management team
  4. to market 'one IT message' with high quality communications to its three main constituents: the Board, the customers and the staff.

The Business Concept behind the ITin3D can summarized as follows:

The information captured by the system is based upon the requirements of a full scale IT due diligence exercise, from strategic plans to asset details. Since this information captures all IT resources and assets, the logic of the system can be viewed as a true model of an IT service organization, where the IT Management Team can not only create budgets and track actuals, but perform simulations and alternative investment scenarios to improve their own management decisions. The presentation of the information is designed from the 'outside in', meaning that the ultimate management presentation of the information is designed into the system from the start in a set of high quality management documents. These can be immediately used in the boardroom and in every meeting to communicate and market the 'message' of IT to the Board, the customers and the staff.

The value to the CIO and the IT Management Team of the ITin3D system can be summarized as follows:

A core responsibility of IT Management, in the event of an M & A, outsourcing or benchmarking situation, is to be able produce the information contained in the ITin3D system to answer all the questions that Management may have concerning the investment. This information typically needs to be collected, synthesized and presented in a professional manner using standard Office tools. ITin3D takes the Office environment one step further and uses it to manage the IT business in an organized and professional manner so that the information that Management requires of IT is always at their fingertips.

Therefore, ITin3D is a perfect tool to fulfill this due diligence responsibility and will put order around the process of presenting IT to the outside world. This will avoid the typical chaotic experience of 'information gathering' and present the IT organization in a high quality and professional manner.

But beyond due diligence, the information that is needed for a one time due diligence exercise is actually the same information that IT management needs to 'run IT like a business'. So why not get control of the IT business and manage your assets and resources as any other business would. This means having an IT Ledger which tracks the costs and revenues of IT on a controllable and auditable basis, it means that all IT activities are organized around a clear set of products and services which can be benchmarked against competitive offerings, it means communicating to your customers with clear and detailed customer statements each month, and of utmost importance it means having a viable business plan which clearly creates value to the IT customer. In a sense, implementing an IT management system is similar to implementing the ERP systems which IT has done for its customers for years. The IT resource and asset planning and control processes can be driven by an integrated system that balances supply, demand, resources, assets, capacities and of course customers. Many processes from strategic planning, to budgeting, to portfolio management, to service level management, to performance management and control can be driven from the same integrated source data with much greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally, an important advantage of the ITin3D system is that it is designed to promote communication. IT functions are typically not derided because they don't execute their technical roles well enough, but because they don't communicate and market themselves well enough to their customers. ITin3D is designed to automatically generate the important management presentations in a form that are 'boardroom ready' so that the entire team is communicating one message both up and down the organization..

The Technical Concept of the ITin3D system can be summarized as follows::

To achieve these above goals, an alternative technical solution has been designed which is extremely easy to implement, distribute, and exploit for a very low investment. In short, the solution is modularized into 'management information objects'. This is a new niche of application solutions which can be viewed as large blocks of portable management information that reside between the large central transaction based data warehouses and the very scattered Office environment.

These management information objects are designed from the 'outside in', meaning that the surface of the application is actually the high quality documents and graphic presentations that management needs to communicate its message to its constituents. Behind this surface are the large volumes of data that are encapsulated with the logic of the system. Since there is no traditional database to tether the system to a physical location, the objects are fully portable and can be easily transported, shared, recombined for consolidations, and replicated to multiple users. Needless to say, each management object must provide the same level of security and data integrity that one expects from traditional technical architectures. Although this model can manage large and probably sufficient volumes of data, it does have capacity limits.

The solution can be viewed as a replacement for the scattered and individualistic Office environment of the typical management team. Instead of myriads of downloads, spreadsheets, presentations, and documents, the management object becomes a well crafted set of documents and graphics that are fully integrated together. The Management Object has a clear set of standard interfaces to both the core central databases and the other management object modules so that everyone has the same data which is reconciled with the production systems. So the individualistic Office solutions disappear, in favor of a set of recombinant management information objects which contain the data, the high quality multi-dimensional graphic analysis tools and the professional marketing materials that the IT management team needs to run the IT business and communicate to its constituents.

The Management Objects are intentional built around the ever more powerful Microsoft Office tools. With Excel as the surface of the Management Object, the user interface is already designed with the presentation materials and pivot table graphics that the user would ultimately use to convert to and present from an alternative database solutions. The objects are backed with extensive VBA code to ensure that referential integrity, robustness, and the interactions between the worksheets behave in a fully controlled, protected and manageable environment. This enables the object to be as portable around the world as is the Microsoft Excel platform. The result is an easy to operate, globally portable, low cost solution which has minimal impact on the global infrastructure. Since persons are sending myriads of non-integrated spreadsheets around the organization anyhow, this solution puts order around the process and creates major efficiency gains in the process of managing the IT information base.

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