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About IT Business Dimensions

Business Dimensions IT Business Dimensions was founded in 2005 by Bob Multhaup with the goal of helping IT management better ‘run IT as a viable service business’. The cornerstone of this transformation to run IT as a service business is to enable IT management to get their costs and investments under control through a service based cost/consumption model. Mr. Multhaup designed and developed an IT Service-based Cost/Consumption model called ITin3D© to meet this need.

Management Team

  • Robert Multhaup-President
    • Previous VP IT Henkel, NA, VP IT Cognis Corp, Divisional Information Officer Sandoz Seeds and Agro Worldwide
    • Adjunct Research Analyst IDC Executive Program, IT Business and Financial Management
    • View the articles Mr. Multhaup has written for IDC
    • MBA Finance
  • Bob Turnbull-VP Sales
    • Previous, Director of Infrastructure and Operations, Country Financial, Director of Application Development, Country Financial
    • Education, Illinois State University, Business Administration
    • Industry Designations : CPCU, CLU

What is ITin3D©

ITin3D© is business modeling tool based upon a different concept than the other software vendors in the Financial Management space. ITin3D© is a data transformation and data analytics tool that enables customized cost models to be quickly developed and organized into integrated data analytic datasets that can be loaded into the customers preferred Business Intelligence tool. This approach avoids the high cost of a software package implementation and enables a customized solution with great granularity and flexible data analytics to be developed based upon each customer’s unique data structures and needs. In short ITin3D is fast, agile, inexpensive, and produces high quality Cost/Consumption models

Any Modeling Problem-not just IT Financial Management

ITin3D© is designed to quickly build Cost models, and this capability is not limited to IT Service based Cost Models. Nearly any data analysis can be organized around a customer’s needs such as:

  • ‘Go to Cloud’ analysis
  • Data Center migrations
  • Outsourcing evaluations
  • Strategic planning
  • Service based Budgeting and Forecasting
  • ITin3D© is a generic modeling tool and can be used for many other service oriented businee models
    • HR data and service integration
    • Marketing data mashing and analytics
    • Manufacturing and QA data consolidation
    • Consolidating Health Care industry data
    • Etc.

Technical Solution

The ITin3D© modeling tool is provided to the customer as a Virtual Desktop in a protected cloud. Once the customer’s input data is defined and loaded into the Virtual Desktop, then the ITin3D© Model can apply its patented processes and procedures to re-align all this data into a sophisticated Service based Cost/Consumption model. This process can be performed either by an ITin3D© consultant working closely with the customer, or the customer can build their own models with training and support.

BI integration

The end goal of each model is to load the newly integrated data into a BI tool for in-depth data analytics and presentations. Tableau is the standard tool that ITin3D© models can be loaded into for better analytics (the user only needs a free Tableau Reader instance to simply view the data analytics).

ITin3D© Customers

Mr. Multhaup has built many sophisticated ITin3D© Cost Models for many large IT organizations with a proven track record of successful implementations. The new ITin3D© enables the customer or ITin3D© consultants to build their own models and to run them on an on-going basis.

Following are some testimonials key customers that have deployed ITin3D© models:
For IT Cost Consumption Models

" ITin3D© enabled us to move from traditionally rolled up view of IT Financial Cost to being able to analyze detailed IT Service Costs for service owners and sum up to logical summaries which could be presented to senior management in meaningful ways for decision making. Impact of decision making could be understood with respect to fully loaded service costs, unit costs, demand/consumption of IT services. Lastly, senior management was able to understand costs in terms of IT contribution to the business. The deeper perspective of understanding for all stakeholders helped change the dialogue from an overhead cost to a business value creation discussion. ITin3D© 's excellent consulting services were an enabler to the above and very flexible in the development of the Cost/Consumption Model." — KM

For Rigorous Management of IT Services

" ITin3D© enabled us to obtain cost transparency for IT Service costs and begin to manage IT as a true business. Through the ITin3D© model we were able to make much more informed IT investment decisions, make substantial progress in optimizing IT costs/value, and communicate the value of IT services in business terms. The capability to link IT costs directly to business decisions and business demand for IT services, makes it possible to have a productive discussion with the business about IT value and the impact of business decisions on their IT costs." — GC

For Major IT Global IT Consolidation and re-structuring

"We had to consolidate IT across a large global organization and used ITin3D© to quickly consolidate data from around the world into a very detailed unified service based model. We then used ITin3D© to help us globalize some enterprise IT services and redesign the world-wide labor sourcing model. This was all done very quickly with excellent data quality." — BN

For Major IT Transformation Projects

"For a State's largest agency, the ITin3D© model was most successfully used after implementing a new VoiP system with total costs approaching $100M. The financial model allowed us to create and manage cost pools, to allocate and recover costs through chargeback, and to provide financial predictability through long-term models." — PL