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What We Do

We build sophisticated cost models for customers using the ITin3D© cost modeling tool. IT Business Dimensions services customers who have the need to consolidate multiple disparate datasets of information into a unified cost/consumption model so that the new unified model information can provide high quality insights into business cost performance improvements. ITBD provides deep experience in designing and building IT service based cost models, but the modeling methods of ITin3D© can be exploited for almost any model building subject matter

Make Better IT Business Decisions

The result of an ITin3D© IT Service Based Cost Model is a great improvement in the knowledge of IT management in their definition of the IT service portfolio, a deep understanding of each service cost down to the underpinning resources and assets, and a clear expression of who and how each service is being consumed by the IT customer base. With this greatly expanded understanding of the IT service business expressed in financial terms, IT management can make highly informed and fact based business decisions based upon insights derived from ITin3D© data analytics.

Understand & Optimize IT Cost/Value

ITin3D© data analytics and business decisions are typically focused on optimizing the cost/value equation of each IT service. By clearly defining each IT service, defining its fully loaded and unit costs, and defining how the IT service impacts the customer's business, then each service can be better managed to optimize both the cost basis of the service and the value contribution of the service. Once this information is known, then services can be compared to the outside market, can be evaluated against technology options such moving to a cloud based solution, and measuring how large an impact the service is having on the business objectives of the IT customer.

IT Budgets aligned with Business Strategy

The ITin3D© model provides a forward-looking 'Scenario Management' module which supports any planning exercise including budgeting, strategic planning and other major initiatives. Scenario Management is designed around the concept of defining a clear cost baseline from the current service portfolio and then enabling the forward projection of these costs based upon various scenarios that the customer wants to investigate and compare. This capability enables detailed zero based budgeting processes to be developed based upon a clear cost basis.

Compare Future IT Scenario Options

In addition to general budgeting, his forward capability can be applied to many IT business problems such as 'go to cloud' opportunities, data center migrations, sourcing evaluations, etc.